A few new changes for the New Year

“The only permanent thing in life is impermanence.”

With a new year upon us, it is only fitting that a shake-up take place. You’ll notice a new,cleaner, and hopefully more pleasing layout before your eyes. Another change to the site is that I have spun off the photography category into a whole new site dedicated to photography only. You can find it under the drop down menu, This Is My Travel Blog, under the heading: Photography or just click here–> Photography. This will allow me to utilize two different designs for two different needs and present the world to you in two different aspects.

Enjoy and check back soon for some exciting entries on New Zealand and hopefully a continuation of my Asia travels.

Peace, Love, and Respect,


One thought on “A few new changes for the New Year

  1. Chris_Derp! says:

    We have Chinese New Year that compels us to change twice a year. That’s why we r so sneaky.

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