Occupy Wallstreet

History is happening around you. Wake up. The revolution that America has long deserved and that I have long waited for is finally here. The top 1% of our great country continue to rule us in tyrannical style. They are syphoning off every bit of wealth from the system that they can. They force us to think they work for us. They will provide the jobs. They will pull this great nation out of recession. We continue to cut their taxes. We blindly believe them. The America today is not the America envisioned by our founding fathers. Fight back. Let our corrupt government know that we will no longer take this. You are the 99%. I am the 99%.

It has begun on Wall Street. A movement is happening as we speak, however it is receiving little to no main stream media attention. It has begun in New York City. It’s spreading to the world.

Find out more here –> https://occupywallst.org/


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