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Island hopping up to the mainland

As much as I was enjoying soaking up Okinawan culture, I knew that I had to move on. It was nearing the end of March; cherry blossom season was right around the corner. It would take me a few days to hopscotch up to Kyoto, of which I had had visions of cherry blossoms dancing in the wind around the innumerable temples of the once-capital city of Japan. However, I had only experienced life on a large island. The smaller islands were calling me. A friend recommended day-tripping my way to Kudaka Island before departing Okinawa.

Kudaka Island

Kudaka Island, or “Island of the God,” is a small island just off the east coast of the main island of Okinawa. Religious ceremonies were conducted on the island during Ryukyu Kingdom times. For as much importance and significance as Kudaka holds in Ryukyuan history, it is only 7.5 kilometers in circumference. A bicycle is all you will need to easily traverse this Japanese paradise.

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