Photo of the Week – August 8th

Sunset over Yeo-ui-do, Seoul

여의도, or Yeouido (pronounced Yo-ee-do), is an island on the Han River in the middle of Seoul. It was used as a pasture for sheep and goats in the 16th century. After it flooded, the area was abandoned until Seoul’s first airport was built here by the Japanese government in 1924.

Today Yeouido (8.4 square kilometers in surface area) is home to around 30,000 people. It is also the home of the 63 Building. This towering landmark over the tiny island was once Korea’s tallest building, coming in at 274 meters high (that’s 899 feet for anyone still using the dreaded Imperial measurement system). Yeouido’s parks are a perfect place to catch the beautiful cherry blossom trees in spring time as well.

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – August 8th

  1. sluethi says:

    fantastic picture mate! Just completed a trip around the world myself and I get extremly jealous looking at your blog! Enjoy every moment of it!

  2. Emad says:

    Amazing Photograph 🙂

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