Photo of the Week – August 1st

Kuang Si Falls - Luang Phrabang, Laos

Whilst soaking up the French-influenced culture of the Lao city of Luang Phrabang, be sure to take a day trip out to Kuang Si Falls. A short tuk-tuk drive from the city, you’ll find a beautiful series of pools and waterfalls with crystal clear water. You’ll be charged a nominal entrance fee, but this goes to the locals who maintain the area.

Rope swing into the refreshingly-cool water of Kuang Si Falls

You can even swim in one particular area of the falls. The water is quite cold, but it feels fantastic in the Lao heat. A rope swing is available for more adventure travelers. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the fried bananas being served up at various locations throughout the falls.

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – August 1st

  1. dennis says:

    would like to use this photo water of Kuang Si Falls in a poetry book

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