Photo of the week – July 25, 2011

At the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Musuem

At 11:02:35am on August 9, 1945, the second atomic bomb to be used during the second world war exploded over the city of Nagasaki, Japan. Anywhere between 40,000 and 75,000 unarmed men, women, and children were instantly killed. Thousands more suffered due to exposure to radiation.

Today over 20,500 nuclear warheads still exist in the hands of some of the world’s most powerful nations. Each of these bombs is much more powerful than the one dropped on Nagasaki that day.

This clock is frozen in time at exactly 11:02am, August 9, 1945. It serves as a reminder of the horrible consequences the people of Nagasaki had to endure, if they were lucky enough to keep their lives. Must we continue to have such destructive weapons still today?

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